60+ Exam Status for Whatsapp , Famous Exam Quotes

Making use of Exam status is a nice way of wishing your friends and colleagues success in their exams before and after it. There are many exam statuses all over the Web that tells our story just as we want it. You can use exam status to wish someone success in an exam they want to take as well as those they’ve written. It’s about making use of the right combination of words that matters. For any circumstance that you may need an exam status, you will find it on the internet. The major thing is to know the purpose for which you want to use the exam status.

Exam Status are the most popular trend on social media specially on Whatsapp and Facebook. Following we are providing you most unique collection of exam status and quotes and we hope that you really like it.

Most Latest Exam Status and Quotes for Whatsapp

1-) Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I’m tired of solving them for you.

2-) Failure is not an option — it comes bundled with Windows.

3-) During the engineering exams we only need ink in our pen, nothing else is needed to answer the question paper. ― Prashant Gupta

4-) You might not make heaven if you cover your script during an exam.. Sharing is caring!

5-) Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win, but in the end… its all same to me.

6-) 80% of the exam is always based on 1 lecture that you missed and 1 topic that you didn’t prepare.

  • 7-) If i m pretty does not mean that any boy can get me.
  • 8.-) Resolve to perform what you ought, perform without fail what you resolve.
  • 9-) Why study for exams? Are they not about what you know, not about how much you can cram into your head the night before?
  • 10-) The only people who never fail are those who never try..

11-) How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.

12-) It’s finals week. What does finals stand for? F*ck, I Never Actually Learned Shit!

13-) All I can say is, ‘Damn the exam! ― William Shawcross

14-) Time to study no time to waste, I the great man must gain every second of the day.― Shay- Ann Harriott.

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15-) During last 5 minutes of examination every student gets a super natural power.

16-) Well, tests ain’t fair. Those that study have an unfair advantage. It’s always been that way.― Allan Dare Pearce,

17-) Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.

18-) Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart.

19-) If you don’t succeed at first, hide all evidence that you tried.

20-) The goal of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind.

21-) The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future.

22-) Night before exams is like a night before Christmas. You can’t sleep and yet hope for a miracle 2

23-) A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world..

24-) To be better equipped for the tests that the year will bring — read a textbook. To prepare for the tests that life will bring — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

25-) If you are given an open-book exam, you will forget your book.

26-) Of course, it is very important to be sober when you take an exam. Many worthwhile careers in the street-cleansing, fruit-picking and subway-guitar-playing industries have been founded on a lack of understanding of this simple fact. ― Terry Pratchett

  • 27-) What is the main reason for failure? .. I think its EXAMS. What do you think?
  • 28-) How is a poor man a lot like a rich man? They both have an iPhone.
  • 29-) Exams test your memory, life tests your learning; others will test your patience.― Fennel Hudson
  • 30-) I hates studying for exams, Is there an APP for that?

31-) After the first exams, I switched to the Faculty of Philosophy and studied Zoology in Munich and Vienna

32-) Syllabus:80 GB __ We study: 80 MB__ Retains in mind: 80KB__ Write in exam: 80 Bytes__ Result comes in binary digits i.e, 00 01 10 11.

33-) I am not failed.. My success is just postponed.

34-) Cousins are created so that our Parents can compare marks.

35-) Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.

36-) No matter how close exams are..we still have time for Facebook !!

37-) Three Ways to write in EXAM: Look up for INSPIRATION Look down for CONCENTRATION & Look around for INFORMATION!

  • 38-) Examinations – the only way to know something at least for a few days.
  • 39-) Examinations is when on question ”when will you be free?” you are looking on calendar instead of clock.
  • 40-) Exam is over = OH YEAH! Result comes = OH SHIT -_-
  • 41-) The brain is the most outstanding organ. It works for 24 hours, 365 days, right from your birth, until you step in the exam hall.
  • 42-) If you like me Then raise your hand, If not then raise your standard.

43-) I know i am something, Because god doesn’t create garbage.

44-) HOW TO SOLVE MATHS: 1. Write down the problem. 2. CRY :P.

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45-) Life is like an exam I am determined to pass.

46-) Never be a busy signal on the Prayer line.

47-) Exams + Facebook = your face is in the wrong book.

48-) You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

49-) If you are given a take-home exam, you will forget where you live.

50-) When everything comes your way.. Then you are on the wrong way.

Top 11 Most Latest Exam Quotes and Status for Whatsapp

51-) The richer you get, the more expensive happiness becomes.

52-) If you want to make your dreams come true, The first thing you have to do is wake up.

53-) If you need an example of how to live you should not have been born.

  • 54-) God created the living to worship him.. well no one is worshiping me.
  • 55-) I wish i could fit a 2GB memory card in my brain for exams.
  • 56-) Hey Google, why don’t you sit next to me during my exam?

57-) My school cares more about the uniform than about my education.

58-) Sometimes I think to write LOL at the end of every answer in exams 🙂

59-) Although I know trust can get you killed, love can leave you hurt, and being real can result in hatred, I still aim for all three.

60-) Push yourself harder when it hurts and you will win your dream.

61-) En los exámenes los estúpidos preguntan cosas que los sabios no pueden responder ― Santiago Posteguillo,

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