26 Quotes By Instagram Poet Gareth Egan On Falling In And Out Of Love

Love is a heartbreaking journey, no matter what side of it you’re on.

Poets have explored the meaning of life through words, but few are as poetic as Gareth Egan’s, Instapoetry, about the journey of love. There’s no denying that love is a journey. When you start a relationship and fall in love, you’re one person at the start and another person throughout the entire experience. The journey of love can mean different things.

What does love mean to you? Is it something that lasts forever or is it just a fleeting emotion? Is it something you do or is it something you feel?

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People have and always will describe love differently, and only YOU can know what love means to you when you’ve loved and been in love.

But even still — no matter how you see love (or feel it), you can’t deny that it evokes great emotions inside of you.

One thing I know for sure is that love is a journey. It’s something that has ups and downs and makes you happy and frustrated all at once.

And whether your journey lasts a few months or years and years, it makes you feel like an entirely different person when it’s all over (if it ends at all).

I’ve been in love before; I’m in love now, too. But of all the people I have been in love with (and there haven’t been that many, yet), it’s always been different. I feel like every new love has taken me on a new journey. And I have felt different emotions every single time.

Sure, I’ve felt love and affection in each journey, but I’ve also felt acceptance, passion, and risk — and not all in the same person.

Love provokes emotions. Honestly, I think that’s the biggest thing love does. But not everyone can describe these emotions. That’s why I love poetry, especially when it’s about love and sex.

Because while you might not be able to explain how love makes you feel, a poet can for you; and it’s always so much more special hearing it from someone who’s eloquent enough to actually put words together like that.

And if there’s anywhere to find these kinds of poets, it’s Instagram.

I have stumbled across so many different kinds of poets on Instagram that I think I can honestly say that no two Instagram poets are alike — and certainly none are like Gareth Egan.

Not only does he write provoking poetry about love and the journey it takes you on, but he also includes drawings from artists that really bring the entire poem together.

Just scrolling through his feed, I feel like I’m on a new journey of love again. He’s exciting and erotic and passionate; everything you want in love.

He writes about love in all of its forms; about finding love, losing it, and keeping it in your heart forever.

And even when it ends, love is always worth the risk. And if that in and of itself isn’t romantic, I’m not sure what is.

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Gareth Egan isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, but he says it in a way that can only be described as poetic. He doesn’t necessarily sugar-coat the words, but his poems feel like little stories that you can feel, not just words on paper (or a screen, if you will).

Explore his Instagram to really understand what I’m talking about. And when you want more, follow his Facebook page to stay on the lookout for his upcoming new book, The Chaos in Between.

If you’re searching for the best quotes and memes to share with the people you love (or just want to feel inspired yourself) … look no further! From the sweetest love quotes, inspirational sayings, and hilarious friendship truths, we’ve got you covered.

On how it feels to lose love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I am unsure as to what the sadder sound is – the sound of silence or the sound of your heart – knowing that it no longer beats for me.” — Gareth Egan


On the conversation two hearts have.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“All I want is to sit and hold you for a while, speaking without the need for words. Letting our hearts hum and sing silently to the same tune.” — Gareth Egan


On finding your home in someone’s heart.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“What if I were to tell you that I would happily find a home in your soul, would you still chase desires of the flesh or at least give in to a passion that you will never be able to see, taste, or hold?” — Gareth Egan


On the language of love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“There are only so many words that I can write about love. The rest – the rest must be whispered ever so gently on fractions of flesh that only you and I know to exist.” — Gareth Egan


On searching for love in the one place it matters most.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I found in your eyes what I had failed to in all of my 2:30 am thoughts.” — Gareth Egan


On finding the right person to encourage your dreams.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“There is nothing more exciting, erotic, or enticing than a lover who holds your dreams in their hands and thinks only of you and not of how they can use them to feed their own desires.” — Gareth Egan


On loving every part of yourself honestly.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“Love your heart. Love your soul. Love your flesh. And you will be telling those who want to see you fail, to go and fuck themselves in the most eloquent of ways.” — Gareth Egan


On waiting for someone to find the real you.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I have put up my walls and I have turned off the lights – I am hiding. I crave for you to find me amongst the darkness; if you can do that then you have found the real me.” — Gareth Egan


On being in a world of love alone.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“We are not of this world – we are of the one that beats so furiously from beneath our ribs.” — Gareth Egan


On opening up to someone completely.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I want to know all of your truths, all of your lies, all of your secrets, all of those bits of you that keep deeper than your DNA, I want to know the real you, the unfiltered, the unbridled, and the unabridged; I want to know you.” — Gareth Egan


On what love really is.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“How can love, any love, be given a label? It transcends such things; it is for us to feel and not to think about.” — Gareth Egan


On making your home within someone’s love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I wish to touch you deeply; I wish to lull into submission the beasts that have made their home inside of you; I wish to love you free.” — Gareth Egan


On living and loving without apology.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“Live. Love. Do both. Heavily. Do both so heavily that it shakes death from its sleep. Laugh at death; you have more living, more loving to do.” — Gareth Egan


On how to find true love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“Smiles and looks are shallow answers to shallow questions. True love is when the lights are out and you can feel each other’s hearts beating in time.” — Gareth Egan


On the intimacy of love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

On exposing yourself to someone else.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“What we have become, but a mess of flesh and emotion – naked on all counts.” — Gareth Egan


On giving into love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I have always been burdened with loving too quickly – I give my heart to shadows; I am a light-eyed dreamer.” — Gareth Egan


On living a life well loved.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“If we are at all lucky we will die with love staining our fingers, a smile on our faces and each other’s breath on our lips.” — Gareth Egan


On finding true happiness.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I have always wondered how people make love look so tireless – maybe it is because I am yet to find true happiness in the heart of another human or maybe it is because my demons are content in keeping me to themselves.” — Gareth Egan


On connecting with someone important.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“Kiss my bones with your flesh. Melt into me. Love away our loneliness.” — Gareth Egan


On letting love destroy you.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“Love – that mortally beautiful disease that pours from our hearts and infects our minds. Love – I am terminally yours.” — Gareth Egan


On seeking love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I am not selfish, all I seek is love, true love – the type of love that makes the world hide their eyes but remain helpless to sneak a peek.” — Gareth Egan


On learning the deepest thoughts of one’s mind.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I crave to know what it is that occupies your mind when the light of day has faded and you are left alone with your thoughts.” — Gareth Egan


On dying for love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“Love is a death I would allow myself to die a million times just to have one of those times be a time that I am reborn to live and die again with you.” — Gareth Egan


On anticipating a future of love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“There is something in our future that I cannot quite pinpoint; though, I know it is there – I can taste it cresting the horizon – a delicious decadence that sees us: Loving. Living. Happy. A meal for the senses sustaining us through any shade of pain.” — Gareth Egan


On finding the answers in someone’s love.

Photo: Instagram: garetheganwords

“I may have discovered my answers in your eyes, but impatiently it was in your curves that I wanted to whisper so many more questions.” — Gareth Egan

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