20 Sexy Quotes All About Being Dominated In Bed

Who’d like a nice spanking?

Being dominated in bed is crazy sexy. There’s something about being told what to do that makes me melt.

You know that feeling; having his hand around your throat, or in your hair, when he tells you what to do.

And what happens if you don’t behave? Then he gets to spank you for not obeying… Or something even kinkier if that’s your thing.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even in that moment, when I’m supposed to be obeying him and being a good submissive, sometimes I can’t help but act like a little princess because I like the punishment I get.

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Now, it sounds cheesy, but I believe that variety is the spice of your (sex) life, so I’m not always in the mood to be dominated during sex.

Of course, it is definitely up there on my list of bedroom faves, but let’s be honest, I can only pretend I don’t want another spanking for so long.

To me, it’s different when it’s just rough sex and not a dominant/submissive kind of night, but even still, I need to mix it up.

If you’re like me and you love when your partner is the more dominant one, then nothing is sexier than getting a text about what you get to look forward to when you get home from work that night.

I also know for a fact that it be really hard to concentrate on the rest of your day when all you can think about is him handcuffing you to the bed or calling you his good girl or barely waiting for you to walk through the door before he’s ripping your clothes off… Whew! Talk about hot, am I right?

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Well, instead of giving you some advice on how to make sure you behave until you get home tonight, I’m going to make it even harder for you to be good at work with these sexy quotes about being dominated. Enjoy!

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On being honest about the kind of hug you really want.

“Some days, you just need a hug… On the butt. With a paddle.”

On how he makes you feel.

“When his gentle side makes you weak and his dominant side makes you wet.”

On learning to be good.

“Choke me. It’s the only way I learn.”

On always being a good girl.

“The phrase you’re looking for is, ‘yes, sir.’”

On pretending you’re good.

“I love it when you call me a good girl ’cause we both know I’m not.”

On your weakness.

“She had a weakness for his hands on her neck and his words in her heart, neither of which did she have the willpower to refuse.” — Jm Storm

On finding someone to be yours.

“Claim her, love her, f*ck her, spoil her, be faithful to her, trust her, and she will remain yours.”

On what women really want.

“I think every woman wants a man to look her in the eyes, caress her cheek, and tell her to take her panties off.”

On being thankful for what he gives you.

“Bend over like a good girl and thank me for your spanking.”

On the real reason for being a brat.

“I’m being a brat because I want you to discipline me and give me time outs and talk to me in a stern voice and spank me. Why is that not clear?”

On words making you melt.

“The phrase ‘good girl’ immediately turns me into a melty pile of girl-jello. Particularly when growled in my ear.”

On saying please and thank you.

“Good girls always say please and thank you, sir.”

On giving daddy whatever he wants.

“Whatever daddy wants, daddy gets.”

On when to be rough and gentle.

“Be gentle when needed. Be rough when wanted.”

On being owned.

“You own my heart. And my ass.”

On telling him what you want.

“Tie me up and play with me, sir. Pretty please?”

On making a tough choice.

“The toughest choice: be a good girl and do as I’m told or be a bad girl and take the spanking I want.”

On listening to him.

“He speaks to her in ways no one before him had, and that is why it’s impossible for her to not listen.” — Jm Storm

On doing what you’re told.

“Good girls to as they’re told. Dirty girls like it.”

On not being in control.

“Sometimes not being in control is the sexiest feeling in the world.”


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