20 Quotes About Love From Instagram Poet R.H. Swaney

There’s always a chance for new love.

There’s something to be said for having the opportunity to surround yourself with people who understand you.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where it felt like no one understood who you were, what you wanted to do with your life, or how you felt about something – especially a passion you felt strongly about – then you know how important this change of scenery can be.

But up until the point of finding this place where you feel like you fit in and can really be yourself, there’s the journey to that place.

Take R.H. Swaney. Now, he’s a talented writer who features his work on Instagram, but when he was younger, he was someone who was stuck in that weird middle of knowing who you want to be and not having a way to express yourself.

Of course, growing up in a small Midwestern town in South Dakota as Swaney did probably isn’t incredibly inspiring (I’m talking 13 students in his graduating class small).

At least, it wasn’t for him. Instead of finding all he needed in the way of inspiration and support right where he grew up, he had to dive into a different world – literally.

It’s not so much that Swaney was inspired by Shakespeare’s works, whom he started reading when he was in fifth grade, but rather, he was totally enthralled with the way Shakespeare was able to see the world in a way only very few can.

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It was very idyllic for Swaney, because he eventually found his inspiration: in people.

Swaney is inspired by urban areas, to, but when you read his poetry, you can tell that the body, the mind, the soul – all things that make up a person – is what makes his poetry something incredible and romantic, and unlike anything else I’ve seen in a writer.

Coming across an Instagram poet isn’t hard, but finding a poet who can make an impression on a reader simply by weaving words into something unique is a talent.

Instagram: rhswaney

And Swaney’s talent lies in writing about love. More specifically, that losing love isn’t the end of the world.

Sure, it might feel that way. But how many times have you bounced back after heartbreak? The answer is every single time because here you are, still pushing through.

Yes, love is hard and yes, it can feel like you’ve lost part of yourself in the breakup process. But there is ALWAYS hope for a brighter tomorrow and a better love. And Swaney writes about this to prove it’s true, just in case you needed another reminder that things will get better.

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Swaney is planning the release of his first book of poetry in the near future, as well as the launch of a Kickstarter campaign in September. Be on the lookout for his store where his book will be available for purchase in mid-October.

Until then, check out the rest of his poetry on his Instagram page, as well as some amazing spoken word videos on YouTube (including the one below).

On learning to love yourself.

“Loving yourself is not selfish, because when you do, happiness fills your bones until it overflows, touching everyone around you.” — R.H. Swaney


On remembering that you aren’t alone.

“The greatest companion one can have is the understanding that we all are in this together. Take it with you, like your favorite book, and never let it leave your side. This understanding is what will help us all survive.”  R.H. Swaney


On growth.

“We dwell on our shortcomings but all that matter is if you’re trying to grow gardens instead of staying an idle seed, content with lethargy.”  R.H. Swaney


On showing others who you really are.

“We pluck the petals from the flowers that grow from our fingertips because we are scared to show this world our truest colors. But something is more beautiful than the bouquet you hold in your hand, so let your flowers bloom.”  R.H. Swaney


On chaos in love.

“The chaos that scared the others away is what makes me yearn to stay. Your chaos is music to my ears.”  R.H. Swaney


On letting yourself be sad.

“It’s okay to cry. Every tear is a river gracefully flowing through the pain, taking your heart to a place it can finally rest.”  R.H. Swaney


On admitting you were wrong about some things.

“There’s a long, winding road between being wrong and admitting it, that most of us refuse to travel.”  R.H. Swaney


On imperfections.

“I was worried what you would think about my imperfections, so I tied up my flaws in a beautiful ribbon and presented them to you. You ripped off the ribbon and told me I don’t need to dress up who I am. You said you knew what you were getting into. This is what love looks like.”  R.H. Swaney


On locking up your heart.

“We’ve become so afraid to tarnish our hearts, we leave them in the box they came in and place them on a shelf in our chest where they collect dust, forevermore.”  R.H. Swaney


On letting your voice be heard.

“I yearn to drown the paralyzing voices in your head with a waterfall of words that remind you that everything about you is so, so elegant and worthy of the peace the voices have stolen from you.”  R.H. Swaney


On talking about your heart.

“I wish we could talk about our hearts like we talk about the weather, because whether or not we are okay is more important than the chance of rain.”  R.H. Swaney


On worth.

“Your worthiness is not defined by your outer existence. It is defied by your inner persistence to find love in your heart for yourself and others.”  R.H. Swaney


On leftover love being enough.

“You apologized for giving me the leftover love you kept in the fridge from all the ones who broke your heart. What you didn’t know was that I was starving before I met you. Just a taste of your beauty was enough.”  R.H. Swaney


On finding beauty in the brokenness.

“I was a sidewalk full of broken cement, overgrown with weeds, dimly lit at night. You were the soul, brave enough to travel my brokenness.”  R.H. Swaney


On falling in love.

“Falling in love is allowing someone to peel all your layers off, one by one, until your heart is exposed, naked and cold, trusting they’ll be the one to keep it warm.”  R.H. Swaney


On forgiving someone.

“When forgiveness started falling from my lips I saw a light in the people who hurt me the most.”  R.H. Swaney


On inner beauty.

“When I say you’re beautiful, I’m not just talking about your face. I’m talking about your mind, and the way you articulate. Your intellect gives me butterflies. You have such a beautiful mind.”  R.H. Swaney


On seeing beauty through the flaws.

“You can only take in the painted sky during a sunrise if you open your eyes long enough to let your mind paint the picture in your heart. So open your eyes, even if you’re scared, and see that this world has beauty despite its flaws.”  R.H. Swaney


On missing pieces.

“There should be fines, just like with library books, for the people who take a piece of us, with no intention of ever returning it.”  R.H. Swaney


On being vulnerable.

“We turn our heart to stone to prepare for impact. But when our chest becomes to heavy, we are left to choose between vulnerability and removing our heart completely.”  R.H. Swaney



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