18 Graduation Quotes to Inspire your Future – Even If You’re Not a Student

If you’ve already been there, you’ll remember it fondly, and if you’re close to your graduation day, buckle up because you’re going to ride an emotional roller coaster.

Graduation day is a day filled with mixed feelings. You’re gonna be happy because you’ve finally made it; no more classes, no more teachers telling you what to do and no more exams. Maybe you’ll move from your parents’ house and that makes things even better (or so you think).

But you’re also going to get a bit anxious and start realizing that you’re going to miss your school days. Suddenly all those questions pop up – ‘Where do I go from here?’; ‘Will I be able to make it on my own?’; ‘Will I be as successful as I’ve always dreamed?’; ‘Do I even have a speech for all this?’.


Enjoy the day as much as you can because graduation will be one of the best moments in your life. It’s time for a new start and you’re in charge to make it a great one. It’s time for you to shine!

Here are 18 graduation quotes to encourage you and inspire your future.



As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.

— Michael Dell


We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.

— Carol Burnett


Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.

— Nora Ephron


For good nurture and education implant good constitutions.



Instruction ends in the schoolroom, but education ends only with life.

— Frederick W. Robertson

Frederick-W-Robertson-Quote on-Instruction-Education

That diploma you hold in your hands today is really just your learner’s permit for the rest of the drive through life. Remember, you don’t have to be smarter than the next person, all you have to do is be willing to work harder than the next person.

— Jimmy Iovine


Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential.

— Kerry Washington


Graduation speeches force you to reflect. They are about consciousness. Nothing is better than consciousness.

— Bruce Eric Kaplan


Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors!

— Louisa May Alcott


Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

— Malcolm X


Kid, you’ll move mountains. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so get on your way!

Dr. Seuss


When I was going for my graduate degree, I decided I was going to make a feature film as my thesis, which was ‘You’re a Big Boy Now.’

— Francis Ford Coppola


Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.

— Senator Orrin Hatch


The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse.

— Edward Koch


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

— Arthur Ashe


Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

– Salvador Dali


Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing.

– Pele


Graduation is only a concept. In real life, everyday you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference. – Arie Pencovici


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