12 Funny Quotes About Drinking That’ll Make You Want A Beer

drinking quotes

These quotes are all you need to convince yourself to pour another.

To quote Frank Sinatra, “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.”

Because isn’t booze wonderful? And shouldn’t there be a list of the best drinking quotes you can read when you’re feeling way too good about a fun night out.

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Aren’t there just moments when, more than anything else, you could really go for a good, stiff drink? (Like, perhaps, right now.) But do you really want the hassle of dealing with craft cocktails? Can you really tell the difference between artisan, conflict-free, 12-year-aged speakeasy gin and the stuff in the plastic bottle that you used to swipe out of your parents’ liquor cabinet? (The correct answer, hipsters, is NO.)

Sometimes the best thing about drinking is how quickly you can make the drink.

Jennifer McCartney shares our affection for the simpler drinks of life, which is why we love her book Cocktails for Drinkers: Not Even Remotely Artisanal, Three Ingredient or Less Cocktails That Get to the Point. It collects recipes for easy, essential cocktails that only involve a bare minimum of ingredients and don’t require any bar hardware or a mixology degree (whatever that is.) If you want a Moscow Mule or Whiskey Sour and you want it to taste amazing, but you want it FAST and unpretentious, this is the book for you.

Beyond the recipes, McCartney has also assembled a killer series of drinking quotes and quotes about drinking, all from famous boozehounds that remind us why drinking can be such an awesome way to pass the time.

Having trouble in your relationship? Had a hard day at work? More often than not, a good, solid drink can make everything better. (Or if not, it can at least make you forget for a while.)

If you’re struggling with your desire for a mid-day martini, bask in the wisdom of these wise, well-lubricated luminaries — some of history’s greatest drinkers — and let them remind you why we drink.

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