Your Zodiac Sign Reveals The Type of Man You’re Most Likely to Fall For

Did you know that your zodiac sign has a huge influence on the qualities you look for in a life partner? Every woman has a type, but astrology can reveal exactly what kind of guy you’re most likely to fall for based on your zodiac sign and your personality traits. So, if you’re curious to find out what kind of man will sweep you off your feet, then read on!

Aries – A “macho” man

You’re an impulsive, stubborn, very energetic and extremely determined woman, Aries. You enjoy challenges and there’s nothing in this world that will scare you. Therefore, when it comes to men, you always go for the lively, bold, and masculine types. You like “macho” men who are very self-confident and who can handle your fiery nature. You need an energetic guy with a sense of adventure who knows how to have fun in life.

Taurus – A strong-willed and generous man

You’re an ambitious and hard-working woman that works hard to maintain her lavish lifestyle. You usually enjoy the finer things in life and you expect to receive nothing less from your partner. You’re most likely to fall for a strong-willed and determined guy who has ambition and goals in life. But, you also enjoy being treated like a queen, so you need a sensual man who will adore you and spoil you.

Gemini – An adventurous man

As a Gemini woman, you’re lively, social, and fun-loving. You have a zest for life, so you’re into adventurous guys with a great sense of humor, with whom you can have a good time. If there’s one thing you hate the most when it comes to relationships, it’s boring and serious conversations. You need someone who will sweep you off your feet, take you on amazing adventures and feed your need to know everything.

Cancer – A family man

You’re well known for your love of home and family life. Your ideal partner is low-key, traditional, stable, and has very strong family values, just like you. You’re a sensitive and caring woman who needs a mature man that can provide you the stability, protection, and love you crave so much. You need a deep connection with your partner, so your favorite type of guy is someone who will let you open up to him, whether it’s inside or outside of the bedroom.

Leo – A spontaneous man

You’re the most powerful woman of the zodiac – a real lioness with an ego that needs to be handled. You also enjoy being in the spotlight all the time, so you’re most likely to fall for a guy who will admire you and let you make all the rules in your relationship. You have a thing for flirtatious, spontaneous, and generous guys who are willing to shower you with gifts and compliments 24/7.

Virgo – An intelligent man

If you’re born under the sign of Virgo, you’re one of the most practical and analytical signs. You tend to keep all your feelings bottled up and you get easily wrapped up in anxiety, so you need a patient and intelligent guy who can calm you down during difficult times. You’re most likely to fall for a smart guy who will help you expand your knowledge and with whom you can engage in long debates and intellectually stimulating conversations.

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