Your Perfect Backyard Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When dealing with home décor, like finding the right furnishing to fit our home perfectly, you must never forget this very important and “tiny” detail – the backyard. Let’s face it, home is where the heart is, right? Well, the backyard is no exception. What we choose to put in and out of our home reflects our personality and sends a message to our surrounding about the kind of people we are.

If we turn to look at astrology, we’ll see that every sign has their own way of creating a comfortable and “homey” environment that fits their personality. We notice a huge variety of styles: from simple everyday garden items to fancy and unusual objects placed in the strangest of corners! Here you will find out how each zodiac sign should design their backyard and make it look perfect.


For an Aries, the perfect backyard has to be the best there is. This sign is incredibly competitive and energetic, meaning that they won’t take anything less than what’s perfect according to them. Their backyard has to be filled with plants that show their bold and fierce nature, while also being organized to look spectacular. The bushes will be shaped into lovely figures and there will be vines climbing up their home as well, creating a powerful and original look.


Being an Earth sign, Taurus loves taking care of plants. It’s very likely that a Taurus will have their own personal garden no matter where they live. To them, having a beautiful backyard view out their window is the perfect sight in the morning. Being a highly organized sign, Taurus will make sure everything looks clean and tidy, just how they like it. Don’t be surprised if you also find an outdoor kitchen in a Taurus’ backyard – they enjoy eating good food and they will love making it in their own peaceful environment.


Gemini is usually an unstable sign meaning that their preferences and wishes change very quickly. It’s hard for a Gemini to be perfectly content with one thing for a longer period of time. That’s why their backyard should be a mixture of multiple things: a small pool for when they’re feeling hot, a modern sitting area for when they want to enjoy a nice afternoon with friends, and some trees under which they can place a swing for when they’re feeling playful.


Cancer is a sign that will put a lot of effort into house décor, and that includes the backyard. Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac, being incredibly caring and devoted to their family and home. So, naturally, they will want to create an atmosphere that will be relaxing and comfortable. Being a Water sign, Cancer loves spending time near water, so a pool is a perfect thing for their already beautiful and modern backyard. A palm tree and soft lighting are also welcome.

Cozy interior design for Cancer zodiac sign


Everyone knows that Leo is a Fire sign that always wants to get their way. They are highly energetic and love being people’s conversation topic, so there’s no doubt that they will do their best to turn heads. Decorating their backyard is no exception. Leo will find something that is spectacular and flashy, but that will also feel at home. Adding plenty of beautiful colors and decorations is one option for the Lion, and they will make sure their backyard is a place where people will keep coming back.


For this Earth sign, nature is something that should be cherished and taken care of. Virgos love gardening just as much as they love being structured and organized. Don’t be surprised if you find a Virgo combining the two – their backyard will be filled with flowers and garden plants, but they will all have their own place in the garden. As for the décor, the most likely choice is a lovely wooden table. They will keep it as minimalistic as possible.


Libra is the sign that always seeks to bring balance to the outside world. They are most at peace when their surroundings are harmonious and when everyone gets a bit of what they want. For a Libra, zen is the way to go. Sitting under a lovely tree while looking at small circle-shaped bushes and a lovely pool filled with lotuses is the most relaxing environment for a peace-seeking Libra.


Scorpios love being seen as mysterious by the outside world. Even though they have no problem expressing their deepest emotions, they still want to create an environment that keeps people wondering whether there’s more to them or not. A Scorpio’s backyard will be filled with candles and lovely rich-colored sitting furniture in order to show their passion and sensitive nature. They might even add an unusual-looking tree as a cherry on top.


Sagittarians are the adventurers and travelers of the zodiac. They are known for their free-spirited nature and fun-loving attitude towards life, so it’s no surprise that their backyard will be a reflection of those exact features. Because they travel a lot, Sagittarians collect plenty of souvenirs from wherever they go. They will be thrilled to leave all those souvenirs out in the open and they will love being asked where those items came from.


Capricorn is the most hard-working sign in the entire zodiac. Their ambition guides them through life and they give their all to reach the point they want to reach. Capricorns are quite keen on traditional values and they don’t accept change easily. When it comes to creating the perfect environment for their backyard, a Capricorn will most likely choose something old-fashioned but beautiful. Trees, stone, and a wooden table will create the perfect natural vibe in their backyard.


Being an Air sign, Aquarius is very wise and a great thinker. They like urban environments and playing around with modern gadgets, while at the same time, creating their own little devices for use in backyard. Aquarians are incredibly creative and quite unique, very often being hard to predict even by their closest. Still, they can be quite shy and laid back as well, so their backyard is most likely to have a modern vibe while still remaining minimalistic and simple.


Pisces is a Water sign, meaning they’re incredibly emotional and very creative. They value love and romance more than anything and very often they fantasize about an ideal world where everyone lives happily. When choosing their backyard décor, they follow their heart. Pisces will create a space with a stony background, an outdoor kitchen, and a lovely sitting place where they can enjoy long evenings with loved ones.

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