Your Best Sex Position According to Your Zodiac Sign

It’s no secret that we all have our preferences when it comes to being intimate with our partner. Whether you’re in a long term relationship looking to spice things up or you just started sleeping with a new partner and you are eager to try out something new, astrology can provide you a good guidance and help you discover your perfect sex position based on your zodiac sign.

As you know, astrology can tell a lot about your personality, your talents, your traits, your goals and a lot more. If we take some of these forecasts into consideration, it is easy to tell what you like and dislike in bed, as well as what sex position blows your mind like no other. Every astrological sign has a unique personality and every personality can be matched with an ideal sex position.

Check out what is your zodiac sign’s most compatible sex position. Of course astrology is not the most reliable resource nor it can tell what you like most and least, but hey, if you can rely upon the stars on making important life decisions, you can let them guide you to tonight’s sack session as well.

Aries: Reverse Cowgirl

Independent, courageous and natural born leaders, Aries partners are domineering and aggressive and virtually always in charge in bed. With a slight tendency to be egoistic, these individuals love all sex positions that allow them to take the dominant role, but the reverse cowgirl is the one at which they are absolutely best. This position allows the energetic and passionate Aries to show off their raw passion and keep their partner coming back for more.

Taurus: Missionary

Taurus men and women are some of the most sensual individuals in the zodiac, so naturally they need a lot of time before they get intimate with their partner. They are all about the traditional approach to love making and use such seduction techniques, such as candles, wine, chocolates and aphrodisiacs. Due to their sensitive nature, Taurians like all positions that allow them to feel intimate with their partners. The missionary position allows them eye contact and a plenty of skin-to-skin touching, as well as deep penetration.

Gemini: Scissors

The flirtatious Geminis don’t settle easily for long-term partners, simply because they have too much energy and too big of a hunger for trying out new stuff. Always in the mood for experimenting between sheets, people born under this sign like things that are usually labeled as weird by many, such as role-playing, threesomes and multitasking (playing with toys, masturbating, etc.) during sex. Although it’s very unlikely for them to stick to one sex position longer than a quickie, scissors is one that can get a Gemini every time.

Cancer: Sitting Up Cowgirl

Cancerians have an enormous value for intimacy and seek for partners with whom they feel stability and security. They may not be good at expressing their emotions nor they find it easier to commit, but once Cancerians give themselves to a relationship, these natural givers know how to take care of their partners. Sitting up cowgirl allows the Cancerians to establish the much desired intimacy and closeness with their partners and set the course to planet “Pleasure”.

Leo: The Leglock

Being the king/queen of the zodiac could mean only one thing: Leos’ partners should treat them like royalty. These natural performers love daily drama and certainly don’t lack the guts to get dramatic in bed too. Leos love having the control in bed, but need their partners to be domineering too. Since they’re proud of their physical appearance and love their partners to have a clear preview, sex positions that puts Leos’ partners behind or sex on places with a mirror(s) are ideal. A dramatic sex position like the leglock on a kitchen counter is most compatible.

Virgo: Stand and Deliver

At first, Virgos seem like people who are completely uninterested in sex whatsoever. But don’t take that for granted, because when their sexual side is awaken, the detectives of the zodiac turn into first-class body inspectors and Casanova students. Virgos love exploring their sexuality and are down for trying out all sorts of sex positions, but the thing is, they need some time to establish trust and give themselves to their partners completely. The stand and deliver position is ideal for Virgo as is as invented for people willing to go for anything and anywhere.

Libra: 69

The ever-balance-seeking Libras just love doing as much work in relationships as their partners. Diplomatic, fair and peaceful, they can give their partners unforgettable sessions of steamy sex, but they can ask for just as much passion, love and romance, as their ruling planet is Venus. Libras also love to be praised, especially on their beauty without clothes. In case you’re still wondering what’s the ideal position for Libras, it’s the famous 69. What better way to get as much as you give?

Scorpio: Edge of Heaven

Secretive, mysterious, with a tendency to often come off as loners, yet incredibly passionate and emotional, Scorpios are exceptional lovers who love to have the control in the bed. They are both possessive and obsessive, but that could easily be their secret for being so assertive when it comes to sex. Although hard to tell, Scorpios do cherish intimacy and prefer sex positions where the game of eye contact is on point. Edge of heaven is a perfect position for passionate Scorpios and their lovers.

Sagittarius: The Cross

As their symbol may suggest, Sagittariuses can be as wild as animals in bed. These free spirited individuals and sexual adventurers are spontaneous and never play by the book. Guided by their curiosity, Sagittariuses tend to not only try out a variety of sex positions, but also include sex toys and role playing in their sex life as well. Since they are known for their stamina, Sagittariuses thrive in long lasting positions. The cross is ideal for the adventurous arrow shooters.

Capricorn: Carnal Crisscross

Compared to all other zodiac signs, Capricorn partners require a bit more time to establish a comfortable relationship and, of course, get in bed. Once they do, though, they are incredibly lustful and passionate lovers who can get surprisingly wild. However, Capricorns are all about slow love making and building a sexual tension that gets more steamy with every kiss and touch. Carnal Crisscross is a sex position that allows maximum sexual experience both for Capricorns and their partners.

Aquarius: Standing Doggy Style

Aquarians are different than the rest in all fields in life, of course including sex life. Although their fetishes can be daring and unconventional, Aquarians are sensitive and imaginative lovers. Unpredictable and experimental eccentrics who try all kinds of ways to exhibit pleasure in bed, these individuals are natural born inventors, so they are more likely to invent rather than discover sex positions. As Aquarians love having a rear preview of their partner, all such sex positions will do wonder for them, particularly the standing doggy style.

Pisces: Side by Side

Passionate, sensitive, loving, emotional and romantic, Pisceans prefer their intimacy with their partners to be as close experience as possible. These compassionate lovers are natural born givers and incredibly selfless, which is why they always make sure their partners’ needs are met first and then theirs. As imaginative and creative as Pisceans are, their lovers can have out-of-this-world sexual experience. The intimate side by side position can hit all the right spots of Pisceans, as well as allow them to enjoy some spooning time after sex.

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