What Were You in Past Life According to Your Zodiac Sign?

If you take a look around, you will see life in many different forms around you. Trees, organisms, bacteria, microbes, insects, animals, humans… and to think that this form in this particular timeline is their only one is absurd. Of course, different religions have different views about life after death and some may challenge this claim believing that when a person dies their soul goes to heaven or hell, but the New Age movement suggests that we are all a part of a life-death-rebirth cycle of the universe.

To understand this concept better, first you need to know what the New Age movement think about the human body. The human body is consisted of multiple layers: physical body, etheric (physical or dark matter) body, astral (emotional) body, mental (mind) body and causal (soul) body. Most people, particularly Christ believers, believe that when the astral, mental and causal body leave the physical body a person is dead and on their way to heaven or hell. According to New Ageists, that’s only a death in one dimension as their soul and mind are going back to the star dust until they get a new life in new dimension or new physical form.

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that you really believe that happened? Or those people who feel like you have known each other for a long time and you just only met. That is because maybe it really has happened or you really have already met with that person, only not in this lifetime. The stars have witnessed our presence in all life forms, so it’s safe to assume that astrology can tell what were you in your past life based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: An Army Leader

With such leadership skills, courage, stubbornness and strong will power, you have most certainly been an army leader who played a crucial role in a war. If you weren’t that easily angered and impulsive, your wisdom and natural leadership skills could’ve made you a king who ruled the world. Army leaders take no for an answer just the way an Aries does and they will set out to do what they want to do regardless of how many armies will try to stop them.

Taurus: An Artist

In your previous life ruled by Aries, you’ve possessed an abundance of energy and will-power as well as creativity which you used to be an artist. Taurians are all about comfort, luxury, beauty and art, all of which were more difficult to come by in the past than now. Your eye for aesthetics strongly suggests that you’ve been some kind of an artist in your past life that inspired people with your masterpieces.

Gemini: A Celebrity

As the biggest social butterfly of the zodiac and someone who is liked by many without doing anything in particular, you were most certainly involved in the show business. Creative, energetic and intelligent, you Geminis work like a magnet pulling people towards you. You were popular and widely adored. Your name was on billboards all around the country you lived in. People had sex while listening to your songs on the radio.

Cancer: A Preschool Teacher

You Cancerians are well-known for your selfless personality and natural instinct to help others, which is why astrology suggests that you might have been a preschool teacher in your past life. You’re sharp minded, highly adaptable, tactful and extremely patient – qualities that make you a perfect fit for a job with kids. Your sensitivity may have sometimes gotten the worst of you, but we believe you were an excellent teacher that all kids loved.

Leo: A Writer

Full of creative ideas and capable of expressing your own emotions exceptionally well both in person and on paper, you have probably been a writer in your past life. As a Leo, you always know what your heart desires and you know the exact way to get it. Your cheerful spirit, creative thinking and, of course, your Mr-know-it-all attitude have inspired you to write some quality lines in the past.

Virgo: A Scientist

Due to Virgo’s capacity to analyze, deduct and think through everything in their daily life, you are someone who is very likely to have been a scientist in your last life. Your thoughts, your ideas and your different perspectives have probably been responsible for some world-changing innovations. As you always take care of the smallest details with such an attentive and analytical thinking, you were most certainly a scientist with the only goal of helping other people live easier and more comfortable.

Libra: A Judge

No surprises here. With a fierce desire to bring justice, balance, harmony and peace into the world, Libra individuals would’ve been judges in all of their previous lives, simply because it’s a perfect fit for them. You are selfless when it comes to keeping the peace and harmony and you simply love people. Your capability of judging correctly doesn’t mean you haven’t done any mistakes or broken the law, but at least it was the right thing to do.

Scorpio: An Assassin

How else would you describe the personality of Scorpio in this life if they aren’t coming from a life as a hired assassin? The manipulative, secretive and diplomatic Scorpio may appear as a calm and collected individuals, but we all know what’s behind that fake persona. You are dangerous and ruthless when provoked and you can be absolutely merciless. When someone paid you to get the dirty job done, you’ve done it and you never failed. Now don’t get any ideas; times have changed.

Sagittarius: A Warrior

Freedom is a sacred value for you and during times of slavery, war and poverty, you are very likely to have been a warrior who spared no arrow in the fight against evil. You’re unsettled being in one place and you always want adventures, but in your past life, you had a cause you needed to fight for. Aside from physical fight, you also could’ve been a warrior in the intellectual world, being an activist. Either way, your optimism and bravery may have inspired many people to better lives in your past life.

Capricorn: A CEO

There’s no other zodiac sign with a work ethic like yours. Your daily life is all about work, achieving goals, establishing business contacts and sealing deals. Logical, rational and always calm, you simply know how to get things done and you are not giving up until you reach your goal. That’s why you have probably been a CEO in your past life: because that has been your goal and you achieved it.

Aquarius: A Psychiatrist

Since your past life is associated with Capricorn, you had that Goat’s cold, rational and patient approach to people and matters and you made a great psychiatrist. As a big humanitarian with a kind heart, you want to help people and you always wanted to. Known as the thinker of the zodiac means you’ve had capacity to see problems in people others overlooked. You can always see 10 years from now and that allowed you to be excellent in your job, diagnosing, treating and curing your patients.

Pisces: A Philosopher

Associated with Aquarius, in your past life you were someone who loved making their own rules and make discoveries that benefited the humanity. You were a philosopher who had a different perspective on the world than others. You wanted to change the world to better for all of us and you probably did it in a way. Your constant thirst for knowledge has helped you to know a lot in multiple fields, so it’s safe to say that you were a great philosopher.

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