The Encyclopedia You Should Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Reading makes your eyes wide open. It allows you to see the world with a completely different view and approach things from different perspectives. Everyone of us has a set of different tendencies and unique preferences when it comes to our reads. Aside from books written to amuse in various genres such as fiction, crime, romance, comedy, mystery or thriller, there are those big fat books with more factual information, with more depth and with more educational approach.

These fat books go by the name encyclopedia. Of course it’s not something you haven’t come across in your life and you probably have a couple of them in your home used as décor. Based on your zodiac sign, we have discovered the encyclopedia you should read as soon as possible, because it contains the knowledge you’re after. So hurry up and discover how to expand your mind within the thousand of pages of your zodiac sign’s most adequate encyclopedia.

Aries: “Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict”

by Lester Kurtz

As someone with short temper who easily gets into conflicts from small to no reasons and can quickly turn violent, this encyclopedia may give you a whole new perspective. “Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict” is written for all those who are seeking to explore alternatives to violence and want to contribute to a more peaceful society. Child abuse, arms control, peace movements, terrorism and other topics thoroughly explored within the pages, the encyclopedia itself is not a self-improvement book. However, it can have a major impact on how you fight your inner battles and help you approach life more peacefully and calmly

Taurus: “The World Encyclopedia of Cooking Ingredients”

by Christine Ingram

We thought, if you like eating as much as everyone is saying about your zodiac sign, knowing your ingredients is a must for you. This comprehensive illustrated reference guide contains information about various cooking ingredients from different cuisines. Fruit, veggies, dairy, fish or meat, this encyclopedia contains detailed descriptions and practical advice on buying, storing and preparing all sorts of foods and dishes. Taurus, it’s time to up your game with a little bit of general cooking knowledge. Even if you prefer eating rather than cooking, surprise your partner with this amazing encyclopedia by placing it in your kitchen as décor (wink, wink).

Gemini: “Science Encyclopedia”

by Annabel Craig, Cliff Rosney

Although reading a thousand plus pages book is not very likely for the impatient Gemini, science is the one thing that grabs your attention and keeps it until you know it all. The “Science Encyclopedia” is arranged thematically and covers a lot of ground: energy, physics, light, sound, atoms, electricity and everything else you want to know more about. The depth of information may be a bit complex for the common reader, but we know you ain’t a common reader. This encyclopedia will help you expand your mind by allowing you to understand scientific and chemistry concepts behind everyday life in a fun, informative and utterly satisfying way.

Cancer: ”Encyclopedia of Environment and Society: Five-Volume Set”

by Paul Robbins

As a largely concerned citizen about the environment, the society and the humankind, this encyclopedia is a must for you. You love people and you love the nature, and you are forever worried about the socio-environmental issues. The editor of this book, Paul Robbins, shares your protective and caring nature and brings together multiplying issues, problems, examples, theories, concepts and policies with a goal of coming up with a way of thinking about people and nature. In this five-volume set, there are over 1,200 entries by experts in diverse fields, all contributing to finding a way to deal with the biggest socio-environmental issues happening around the world.

Leo: “Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent, Volume 1 & 2”

by Barbara A. Kerr

The talent and the creativity junkie in you, Leo, is stimulated on a regular basis in many different ways. This encyclopedia thoroughly reviews hundreds of findings on giftedness, creativity and talent and their impact on education, arts, science, training and daily life. Those special abilities and creativity like yours has been a field of research for many decades, simply because it never ceases to amaze how it helps the world progress. Reading this encyclopedia may not stimulate your creativity or talent, but it will instead help you understand how people like you make the world a better, a warmer and a more efficient place through constantly providing creative innovations.

Virgo: “Encyclopedia Of Sherlock Holmes: A Complete Guide To The World Of The Great Detective”

by Matthew E. Bunson

A detective like you MUST know everything about the greatest fictional detective of all time. Sherlock Holmes is a phenomenon without comparison and he is a lot like a Virgo. He is analytical, thorough, and likes analyzing and making deductions, which are always correct. In this encyclopedia, you will learn more on how he does his deductions, his codes, disguises, aliases, friends (read Watson) and so much more. The perfectionist in you will enjoy reading about someone who has the same hardworking and detail-oriented attitude. This reference book is especially written for Sherlockians, Holmesians and Virgos, so make this your next read.

The Encyclopedia You Should Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Libra: “Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice”

by Joshua Dressler

Justice is one of the most important values in your life, and as such, you want to know about the world’s greatest injustices and how can you contribute to make it right. The “Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice” explores laws, sociology, psychology, history and economics and points out the biggest issues that happened over the century and are still happening. From family violence to rape, Joshua Dressler’s revision of the 1982 edition features a lot of entries that will grab your attention and make you want to go out and face those issues alone. But hey, you are not alone in this quest. Look how many people have made their entries in this encyclopedia that share your view on this subject.

Scorpio: “The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices”

by Brenda Love

Stereotypes have it that your zodiac sign is the most sexual of all and you know more about sex than all other zodiac signs. Usual practices are not of your interest, we know. Therefore, you should read something that will give you a different perspective, or help you learn some new unusual sex practices. “The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices” features over 700 entries and 150 original illustrations and covers sex practices you may have never heard of. From the physiological progression of an orgasm to the strangest fetishes you can imagine, this book will be a lot of fun for you and maybe even of educational character.

Sagittarius: “Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints Sages: A Guide to Asking for Protection, Wealth, Happiness, and Everything Else!”

by Judika Illes

For a spiritual person like you, this encyclopedia will bring immense pleasure and joy into your life via pages on mystics and saint sages. You like all things mystic and imaginative, and you have a tendency to believe in Higher Divine. The writer of this encyclopedia, Judika Illes is a fortune teller, world-class spell collector, psychic practitioner, spirit worker and teacher, which promises comprehensive material. Learn casts for protection, wealth and happiness, passed from generation to generation from the oldest of time. Her introductions of saints, mystics and casts are detailed and her writing style is impeccable. You must read this only if you are truly into all things mystical.

Capricorn: “Knowledge Encyclopedia”

by DK Publishing

Since successful career is the single most important goal in your life, you are usually too busy or uninterested to focus on everything else that’s happening around you. But if you ever find some time for yourself and you’d like to catch up with latest trends, ideas, innovations and significant achievements in the 21st century, this is the encyclopedia you should get. The encyclopedia is divided in 6 chapters: space, earth, nature, human body, science & technology and history and culture. This catalog of essential knowledge will help you get by in this century through pages full of facts. Furthermore, it is only 360 pages, which ensures you won’t waste much of your precious time.

Aquarius: “Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 4 Volumes Set”

by Paul Edwards

This encyclopedia is written by the famous Austrian philosopher Paul Edwards and contains a vast of facts and knowledge on philosophy and cultural history. The quantity and quality of information included in this encyclopedia is surely enough to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. You like to expand your mind on a regular basis and you are a philosopher yourself. Hundreds of articles on various philosophers, schools of thought, history and a lot more, this encyclopedia is relevant for referencing on anything related to philosophy. Next time you are trying to explain some quotes of Aristotle to your friends, have this encyclopedia read so you can put your money where your mouth is.

Pisces: “The Encyclopedia of Dream Interpretation”

by Eili Goldberg

As a Piscean, the odds for you to believe in astrology and particularly in dreams are higher than all other zodiac signs. You tend to look for meaning in your dreams, which is why you should read this encyclopedia next. The author of “The Encyclopedia of Dream Interpretation”, Eili Goldberg, examines 73 different dream dictionaries and hundreds and thousands of books that explore the meaning of dreams, promising a thorough read. Before you have your next terrifying dream, you should have this book read in order to fully understand what the stars or Higher Divine, depends on your beliefs, are trying to say to you.

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