Telling a Capricorn Man how You Feel

Capricorn Man is a Cardinal Earth Sign having Saturn as a Ruling Planet in it. He is a mature guy with an understanding of the Feelings of others. They are not good Communicator, but they are best at Listening. So, if you are a Boy or Girl and want to tell how you feel related to him or about Life, then your telling will never be going waste.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Capricorn man is best at keeping their secrets and won’t tell anyone until they feel safe and sound about the opposite Person.

That’s why they are best at keeping Secrets. You can tell him anything and you know what the best part is? They can keep Secrets of those People whom they don’t meet regularly, nor are his Friends.

Making Ground of Reaching Him:

Okay, let Suppose you are a Girl and want to express your feelings about him that you like him. Then you should care about Capricorn’s man’s behavior because he is usually a Shy Guy and doesn’t open too early.

First thing you should do is to make Grounds if you are Stranger to him, which means you need to find out the reason for spending time with him like:

  1. If you are his Co-Worker, then you can complete his task or Help him or seek help from him.
  2. If you are his High School Friend, then make an Assignment with him.
  3. And if you are his Neighbor then you can send delicious Food to him.

But if you don’t have any access to these then use Social Media to reach him.

Expressing Feelings:

Okay, now how can you tell him your Good and soothing Feelings about him?

The Simple and Easy Answer is “Action Speaks Louder than Words”.

  1. You can make coffee for him.
  2. He Likes Jokes and he is Conservative and Shy. You can make him Cheerful.
  3. Help him, if he needs your Emotional Support.

So, when you make up your Base become Steady and Strong then you can tell your immense Feelings like:

  1. Say “I like you”.
  2. Tell your Capricorn Man, how much Important he is in your Life.
  3. Never Hurt his Ego and tell him the Same.
  4. Ask for Advice, Ask for Help, and do that thing what he recommends.
  5. Telling your Secrets but you should start with tiny Secret, and check his Reaction, Actions, and behavior.
  6. Telling him your Biggest Failure and he will endure you.
  7. Ask him to tell his Feelings.
  8. Tell your Weakness, but you should do it after spending some time with him.

And Finally, when you are done by telling Capricorn Man how you feel, how you like and how you are in actual and already told all the things about you then just say, “I Love you” if you mean it and be Honest and Loyal to him, Capricorn Men are craved for having an Honest Girl in Life.

Moreover, if you are a Boy and want to express your Feeling to a Capricorn man then just tell him by Considering him as your Friend.


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