Some Tips for Dating the Gemini Man

The Gemini man is not going to be the easiest sign for you to corral. The right person should be up to the challenge, however. The most critical characteristic to remember about the Gemini man is that he is intelligent and intellectual. Therefore, you should be knowledgeable and quick with some stimulating conversation if you hope to capture his attention.

A Dual Sign

People talk about Gemini as a dual sign. That means it can be like dating two people in one. Be ready for your man to have mood swings. He might be able to control them, or he may not. The point is that he might not always try to, instead testing you with first one side of his personality, and then the other.

The More You Know, the Better

As we mentioned before, the Gemini man is intellectual, which means he’ll enjoy living the life of the mind. Some Gemini men are physically adventurous, but almost all of them like reading and learning all they can about new subjects.

Because of this, you should prepare yourself for a trip to a museum on a first date rather than a bar or nightclub. It’s not that the Gemini man doesn’t know how to party and let his hair down. It’s more that he’d prefer to do something cultured rather than something he perceives as crass.

Get to Know His Friends

The Gemini man likes to be around people to whom he feels an intellectual kinship. It is not uncommon for him to have many platonic friends around with whom he can have stimulating conversations on various topics.

If you want to stay on his good side, then you should try to become friends with his inner circle. If he loves you, you might be able to persuade him to pick you over them, but you shouldn’t try. It’s better if you allow him to have his friend time, especially as you’re getting to know him. Understand that it’s something that he’s going to continue to prize going forward.

If you’re a person who feels like you need your partner’s undivided attention every moment in a relationship, the Gemini man might not be for you.

Be Ready to Adjust On the Fly

It’s tough to keep the Gemini man locked into a schedule. If you have plans, be ready to change them at the last minute. This might get a little frustrating or irritating, but it’s also a good barometer for understanding whether he’s genuinely into you or not. If he stops changing his plans and goes out of his way to keep his dates with you, then it means you’re making progress.

He’s More Positive Than Negative

The typical Gemini man is a glass-half-full person. You can look for him to be funny and engaging for most of the time that you spend with him. If a negative side emerges, then that’s his dual nature again, and the best thing that you can do is ride it out. The positive will surface once more if you give him a little space and let him come back to you at his own pace.

He May Have a Complicated Relationship with His Family

A Gemini man’s family often means a lot to him, but it doesn’t always follow that he has a good relationship with all of its members. On the contrary, conflict with siblings and parents is not uncommon. If other members of his family are intellectuals like him, then be ready for clashes over things like literature and politics over the dinner table.

Is He Worth It?

The Gemini man is worth pursuing because when you have his attention, he can be sweet, caring, and trustworthy. He’s not a sign that is likely to cheat on you. Instead, if there are problems in the relationship, you can count on him to be upfront about them. He’s not likely to dodge the hard conversations. Many people like that about him.

If you prize humor, intelligence, and a keen understanding of the human condition, then a Gemini man may be for you. If you’re flighty, don’t like talking about serious topics, or if you want to be the sole object of his focus, then you’d do better off looking elsewhere.

The Gemini man seeks adventure and knowledge above all else. If he sees you as smart and a thrill seeker, then your advances will intrigue him. If you’re interested in traveling, then that should win you some bonus points with him. Whatever you do, don’t bore him, or he’ll be off to the next escapade without you.

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