Lucky Stones for Cancer Sign

The Lucky Stones for Cancer are Ruby and Moon star
The Lucky Stones for Cancer are Ruby and Moonstar

Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign having Element of Water in them and Ruling Planet is Moon. Cancer is really a Sensitive Personality and wants Affection more than Money. So, later we will discuss deep which Stones are Best for Scorpio according to their Personality but if you are in Hurry, So, you can consider Ruby and Moon Star are Lucky Stones for Cancer Natives.

So, before
discussing why these Stones are best for Cancer, let’s know about Some Positive
and Negative traits of Cancer Zodiac Sign, where according to Astrology,
Cancers are one of the most Emotional and Caring Natives among all Zodiac

Positive Traits: People born under this Signs are
Creative, Emotional, Faithful and Loving. They are best at understanding
Relations between Friends and Family.

They don’t
Hurt people even someone is continuously them. They are Loyal to Work and with
Relations too.

Negative Traits: Due to their Emotional nature they don’t react easily and that makes them depressed. They are not good at making decisions, usually, they need help and because they are Trustworthy, they think others are too, but Sometimes that habit causes severe damage to their Life.

they are Moody and Unpredictable Sometimes.

Benefits of Wearing Gemstones for Cancer

As you already know Ruby, Pearl and Moon Star are Lucky Stones for Cancer Natives so, let’s discuss the Possible benefits a Cancer can take it from these.

There are other Customized Stones too, which can be worn by only Cancer Man and other Gemstones for Cancer Woman only. We will discuss it later.

One thing you should remember that these Stones do not guarantee success, what they assure is that they can boost your Performance Level, but if you don’t work hard then nothing will happen. It works as a Catalyst not a Source towards Success.

Ruby: The Red Gemstone Ruby is best for
Cancer Men and Women, because it helps to stimulate Cancer Natives to overcome
their Emotional density. Other benefits include:

  1. Ruby Gemstones helps Cancer’s Natives to overcome their Relationship Problems with family and increases bonding of Love between them.
  2. It can help you to create more wealth by doing extra and Hard work.
  3. This Stone is best for making ways of Partnership in Business.
  4. Courage is the core thing every person wants in this World; this Stone empowers you to become Strong Physically and Mentally.
  5. It can make you Strong to beat your Inner Issues, whether it is Financially or Mentally.

Moon Star: In the Indian Vedic Astrology
this Stone is best and Lucky for Cancer born Natives. This Stone has Cool and
Soothing After Effects after wearing. So, some of the best Benefits are:

  1. It
    helps Cancer Natives to remain calm under stressed conditions like in
    Examination or in any Hard circumstances.
  2. Astrologers
    believe this Stone helps a Cancer to get rid of mental Stress and Anxiety.
  3. It
    Promotes a Person to do work and
    achieve goals in Life.

Usually, this
Stone is better for Cancer Women more than Cancer Man.

Best and Lucky Gemstone for Cancer Man

According to Element of Water and Ruling Planet Moon, the best and Lucky Stone for Cancer Man other than Ruby and Moon Star is Emerald.

Emerald: Usually Cancer Guys are full charged to follow their Passion and all they need Something to boost up their Confidence level, so this Stone is best to make them Supercharged among all. Some other benefits of wearing Green Emerald for Cancer Man are:

  1. This Stone is the best option to improve the Passion of a Cancer Guy.
  2. It helps you to get a new Job or Setting up a new Business.
  3. It can help a Cancer Guy to overcome his fear of being losing and overcome Evil thoughts, residing or creating in Mind.
  4. Best for increasing the Intellectual level of a Cancer Guy.

Best and Lucky Gemstone for Cancer Woman

Seeing their Natal Chart, Element and Ruling Planet the best and Lucky Gemstone for Cancer Woman other than Ruby and Moon Star is Pearl.

Pearl: The white Pearl is the best choice of wearing for Cancer Woman. This beautiful Stone can make you beautiful and makes you help in daily Life like:

  1. It
    can help you to make your existing Relationship Strong.
  2. The
    Pearl Stone can increase your Outer beauty too.
  3. It
    helps to overcome your Fear.
  4. This Stone is beneficial for those
    Cancer women who have Nightmares
    this can help you to get rid of it.

Reference: I have written this article with the help of Reading Astrology and Surfing the Internet and with the Passion of Writing about Astrology.


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