How to Make Scorpio Man Miss you | 2020

Have you ever felt that your Perfect Relationship started fading in the last couple of days or weeks or even years with a Scorpio Man? Then you are at the right place to find out what are the consequences of this fallen Relationship and to fix this you have to understand how to make Scorpio man Miss you badly.

So, let’s Started.

Sometimes even in a Good Relationship. Things started to fade because you both are stick together and don’t give space to yourself, or at least one of you needs space to live in.

Sometimes you are in love with a Scorpio man and he takes it for granted and doesn’t give you that attention which is your keen Right and does wrong things which he doesn’t allow to do in a Pure Relationship.

So, all you have to do is to make him miss you badly, yes if a Scorpio man loves you, he definitely misses you when you are not Present around him.

How to make Scorpio Man Miss you?
How to make Scorpio Man Miss you?

So, you have to make him miss you and for this purpose, I will tell you all the Secrets things which I have gathered from different Zodiac and Scorpio Forums.

The Question is all about How to Make a Scorpio Man Misses You?

These Tricks can also be applied to your Ex-Boyfriend who left you and you want him to come back.

Moreover, if You want to Forget your Ex, then this Short Guide can Help You.


Yes, the first step to make Scorpio man miss you is to stop all the communication you or at least limit your contact with him.

Just light some Spark in his Heart and Mind and make him a little bit mad after you and observe changes in him while missing you badly.

Have a look at these
Mediums from which you can Block him to ensure your Love over him.

Stop Your Phone Call or Text Messages

The number one medium nowadays to make Contact or to break your contact with someone is your Smart Phone. Actually, this the core thing that makes Contact or Breaks contact.

If you constantly calling him or texting him. Then why the hell he is going to miss you? Moreover, Scorpio Man always wants Attention.

When they notice his Best Friend, Wife or Girlfriend is not Texting or Calling him some Curiosity will be generated and he will miss you and will call you urgently.

Keeping in mind that, you should opt Balanced approach, if you Block him, or not responding to him for a Longer Period of time, then consequences could be bad for you.

Because he can think that you have dumped him without letting him know. So, keep a Short and Slight contact with him after couple of Days or Weeks. depending upon the Intesity of your Relationship with him.

Should You Call Back to Your Scorpio Man?

Ethically it is not good to don’t call back when you missed someone’s Call.

But we are here to understand how to make your Scorpio Man miss you. So, we have to do this for the sake of Goodness.

When we like someone, we are waiting for their messages or call or when we miss their call, we instantly callback even when we are busy at that time.

This Practice needs to be

Stop communication so Scorpio man misses you
how to make a Scorpio man chase you

Even when you are not Busy and your Scorpio Guy Calls you on your number you don’t need to Pick up urgently, rather take a breath and call him back after a while. Maybe after Half Hour.

Moreover, if you are thinking he is in Emergency then make him a message, ANY EMERGENCY? Yes, this will be going to make him blown out and maybe his all “EMERGENCY WILL BE YOU”.

One more thing you can do is to Activate Voice Call and listen to it what he is saying and then call him back with a message I was busy. This really makes him miss you.

Your Social Media Activities

Okay, now you are slightly ignoring him, and this causes your Scorpio Man to miss you. So, the chances are he will watch out your Social Media Activities.

Scorpio men are good at Chasing. Especially, when they miss Someone and Love Someone Badly.

So, the Question is Why you should Limit your Social Media Posts?

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It is all because Social Media is the best way to know who you are? What are you doing right now? Or where you will be at some particular time?

If you stop or Limit your Social Media Activities. This might be good for you because now you are not going to be chased easily! and that is our Main Plan.

As I said earlier, Scorpio men are good at chasing. He always wants to know where you have been all the time when he was missing you?

So, by doing this stuff, tremendous changes will be developed in your Scorpio man that lead to missing you, harshly.

Limit Social Media Activities
Limit Social Media Activities

End of Conversation

Okay, once you started a conversation with him, now its time to end your Conversation even you don’t like to end.

There should be some chat remains at the End.

What will happen if Scorpio Man will end the Conversation?

Your only mission is to make Scorpio Man miss you so, if he will end Conversation then all the thoughts and things which should be happening in his mind will be happening in your Mind.

The plan is to make him miss you, so a little bit talk or chat should have remained and all you have to do is to send him Bye note as soon as possible so some desires remain in his Heart.

This makes him Mad over you. Suppose if you both meet Physically then you should always Leave First from Cafeteria.

After sometimes he will back at the track and soon, he will be going to miss you when you are not around him. This is Scorpio man Destiny.


Now, I am thinking you
met him Physically and maybe this Scorpio Man is your Boyfriend or Husband and
he lacks Interest in you so after applying the First technique you should these
techniques too.

Your Signature Scent

You must find a Smooth, Pleasant smell Scent when you met him or when you are near him.

So, whenever you are not present with your Guy, he will miss this smell and indirectly will miss you, unconsciously.

  1. Make sure you don’t smell too much that it is annoying everyone in the Hall or Room. It will be Light Smell which will be felt only a nearby Person which is your Scorpio Guy, who is going to miss you when you are not there for him.
  2. One more thing you should follow that you must put the same Scent all over the time when you met him. This will bring him closer to you when unconsciously he is craving for that Smell.
  3. Sometimes when he smells that Fragrance which you use to put then he misses you unconditionally.

So, Fragrances can play a vital role in your relationship with a Scorpio man especially when your mission is to keep him missing you.


Surprising Nature

Yes, Surprising Nature can make anyone Wonder and especially a Scorpio man. Moreover, your keen desire is to drive the attention of your Scorpio Man over you then you should become a Mysterious Personality.

Imagine if you are an open book and everyone knows who you are. Then who may take interest in you? Yes, NO ONE.

So, when you met your Scorpio Guy don’t tell each and everything on your First date or even in your started days of Relationship.

Take some information from him and give less information about you. Keep your Personal things at yourself and don’t give Permission of Access over it.

After a span of time,
reveal your Interest and things about yourself. Let him discover you, not you
discover yourself to him.

When you met with Scorpio Man. Tell him an interesting fact about you. Tell him every time an interesting fact about yourself when you are together.

By doing this, he may be curious about you about knowing you completely and as a result, your Scorpio Man will miss you and you made him miss you.

Your Stuff

If you intentionally forget one of your belongings at your guy’s house. The belonging should be those whom you don’t need in your daily life, like Jewelry, Hairbrush, Makeup Brush, Your Pen or Even an Earring.

As you want to make your Scorpio Man miss you so by seeing your stuff, he will remind about you, and then he will be thinking about you and your sweet Conversation with him and then He will miss you.

He Should Wanting More

Now I am supposing
everything is going well and he might be missing you and called you to meet
with him. So, whenever he meets you should remember one thing that you’re your
Scorpio Guy should want more before Leaving.

So, what is it in Leaving More? Means Handshake, Conversation and even he have some desire for hugging too when you leave him.

You should tell him that,
you have to go home and cut off Conversation.

Why this is so Important? Because when he hasn’t done all his Conversation with you, he wants more time to spend with you and that makes your Scorpio Man to Miss you badly.

Independent Girl

Independence is the Key
to Success. Whether, being as a Nation or being as a Self.

Scorpio Guys like
Independent Girls. So, have a look at these aspects if your Scorpio Guy is
ignoring you and you want to make him miss you.

Create Space between You and Your Man

Just Imagine a Guy who is your Boyfriend or Husband or even a Friend is always sticking to you.

Would you ever miss him?

Guarantee Not. It is Human Psychological Behavior, if anyone sticks to them, they get fed up and want some Space for Living their Life.

Same as for Scorpio Man
if you, as a girl always there for him how can he miss you? Never Ever. You
have to make some space, so he misses you when you are not here for him.

If you are ever ready for
him through all the time, he will not find your Value and don’t give too much
attention which is your Right.

So, what you have to do

Don’t Spend Every weekend with him. Instead, you should spend this weekend with your other Friends. Maybe, he likes first or second weekend alone but after a while, he will start missing you and call you to spend even an hour with him.

You can also plan your Friday night with one of your female friends and watch a fantastic movie and just upload a Status which shows that you are having the best time with your friends and you are an independent girl who doesn’t want those who don’t care of you.

If you do these things
regularly. Things started to become good from worst and definitely your Scorpio
man will be going to miss you and wants to spend quality time with you.

Be a Daring Girl

Have you ever noticed that guys just inform you that they are going somewhere with their friends and don’t allow you to hand with them?

Yes, if you love your Man
the most you will miss him when he is hanging out with Friends and you are Home

The same thing you must
do it. Just Plan a Trip with your Friends and don’t allow your Scorpio Man to
go with you because he always does the same.

Scorpio Men Especially Like Independent Girls
Scorpio Men Especially Like Independent Girls

He will probably happy with you that you are now an independent Girl but at the same time, he is also Unhappy with you because when you are not with him, he will be going to miss you.

Yes, that is the plan of making him miss you and if you are succeeded then chances are your man will be in your Arms and this will lead to having a Successful Marriage Life.

EXTRA TIP: This trick
will also work for you Ex-Boyfriend too.

When he sees you, hanging out with your best friends and enjoying life without him, soon he will start missing you and excuse himself for not being in your life. Possibilities are if he loves you, he will return, and it is up to you that you give him a chance or not.

Time to Use Social Media

Now, this is the best
time to use Social Media Power. As your one and only Plan to make him misses
you and you are doing all-time best to do this.

Upload your Pictures,
Your Vlogs and much more about your Trip which clearly shows that you are
Enjoying like Hell and you don’t need anyone in Life because you are an
Independent Girl who is not weak.

Yes, the only weaker
Person than you is your Scorpio Man because he is not with you and quite
Possible he is now missing you and want to go along with you.

PRO TIP: Don’t be Fake be
Natural. Just Highlight the Enjoyment you are doing with your Friends.

Makeover before Meeting him

Try a new look before Meeting him again after a good Weekend. You can change Your Style and Do a little bit of Makeup and dress comfortably when you meet with him. Maybe he will like your new Look and gone Surprised

Communication after missing You by Scorpio man
Communication after missing You by Scorpio man

Scorpio is Stubborn Usually, so they appreciate changes and if he is interested someone like you then probably, he admires your changes.


There are other final things about how to make a Scorpio man miss you and these things are quite Beneficial when applies.

Testing Your Scorpio Man

For the sake of Testing Scorpio man how much he likes you. Just Flirt with other Guys and Observe his reaction while Flirting and the best moment to do is when you haven’t met him for a couple of weeks.

Okay, Just Observe him when you are Laughing with other guys, if your Scorpio Man was already missing you and wanted to talk with you then he will become sad and shows his Rude behavior when you are doing flirt.

PRO TIP: Don’t try too many things Like Kissing or even Hugging this can damage your Image in front of him and this can also damage Guy’s feeling with whom you are flirting with. You have to be careful.

Communication Starts

Now all the things you have done, and you don’t need
to stretch these things in Long Term Run. Switch on your communication mode
with him.

He will get Bored with your stuff if you are doing it
continuously. If you see some improvement in him, Okay work has been done. Now
become Normal as you were before starting of this Missing and Loving Game.

He might be telling you how much he has missed you and in reply, you should also tell him the same because you love him and want to marry him, so it is his right to know.

Communication Starts
Communication Starts

Avoid All the Things

If you have applied all the things in a couple of weeks and you don’t get a result So don’t make your Life Stressful. There are a lot of things to worry about. Just Think of that you were also living a Good and Healthy Life before him.

Take care of your Family, Friends and Focus on your Work. If your Scorpio Man misses you, he will return to you at any cost. If He dumbs you then you have done so many things to get him back and if he doesn’t come Just don’t ruin your life.

Maybe someone better than him waiting for you.

If You Lose, then your Loved one will Lose too.

You should Work on Your Self rather than become a Puppet of Someone who even doesn’t care about your feelings.

Extra Reading:

How to Make a Scorpio Man Chase You?

Every Man wants that girl who is Beautiful by Heart
and a Wonderful Nature. So, if you want to be chased by a Scorpio man you must
prove yourself to be Good in Nature. You Should work on these things Like.

  1. Be
    good with Animals.
  2. Have
    Kind-Heart with Old Age People.
  3. Have
    Pain of suffering People.
  4. Scorpio
    Guys like Social Workers too much.

So, by creating these abilities in yourself you are
able to become a Good Woman and can be liked by all the men out there, not only
Just Scorpio Man.

How to Get a Scorpio Man to marry you?

If you have all the abilities of a Good Woman than you are at Radar of a Man, especially Scorpio man. So, the main question is How to Get a Scorpio Man to Marry you?

The Answer is Simple, you should be a Housewife. Scorpio Guys like those women who are Independent and Responsible about householding without the Presence of Man.

After your First Child, your Scorpio Man wants you to take care of him and do all the stuff which makes him happy.

Moreover, every Human Being who has some Ethics and Sensible Like those who know the value of Relationship or Value of Marriage. They should be Loyal and Lovable People.

How to make Scorpio Man Miss you

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If you have Loyalty and don’t ever dare to cheat him
then you will have a great wonderful Life, Full of Joy.

One thing as a Girl you should take care of: Don’t
make your Husband a Depression Patient. You don’t know how hard he is doing to
feed you and sometimes he doesn’t have that much money to give you a Luxurious

So, when you cooperate with him in his Difficult times, you will gain much Respect in his Eyes and he will do his best to overcome his Issues and at the End, Your Scorpio Guy will Love you the Most.

How Does Scorpio Man Show Love?

Scorpios are Practical approached Personality rather than theoretical. He believes in Actions, not on words. So, if Scorpio Man loves you his Action will shows about him like becoming Caring, Protective, Warm-Hearted, Kind-Hearted, Loving and Affectionate with you.

But Remember don’t take advantage of his Caring towards you. He may become Cruel and Probably will leave you if you Betray him.


I have a Final Tip for Guys and Girls out there. Don’t Make Just Physical Relationship for the Sake of Enjoyment. But, make Everlasting Relationship by Understanding Each Other and do Marriage then go for Physical Relation. Mental satisfaction is Greater than Physical Satisfaction.

I know it seems good to Enjoy at Young Age but just Imagine when you will become Aged Person than How you can do these Fun? At this age, you only need a Person whom you love and want to be loved by that person.

How to make Scorpio Man Miss you
How to make Scorpio Man Miss you

That’s all, I hope You Like all the stuff I collected about How to Make Scorpio Man Miss You. So, stay blessed and Keep Growing.

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