Are Aries and Libras Compatible?

At first glance, Aries and Libras might seem too different to form an intimate relationship. Aries are independent, ardent, and hot-headed fire signs while Libras are diplomatic, indecisive, people-pleasing air signs. But these two complement each other in a special way that can lead to an intense bond. Romantic relationships between an Aries and a Libra will usually allow both parties to be their most candid selves while simultaneously requiring them to each work on their communication skills and boundaries. Read about the Aries and Libra compatibility.

Cardinal Love

Both Aries and Libra are Cardinal signs, which
means they have a special kind of intensity and initiative. Cardinal signs have
big dreams and an unmistakable drive and ambition. These two are tough but
giving, and compromise will be the name of the game when it comes to
reconciling their differences.

Aries are stubborn and attack issues
full-force, often without taking the time to consider rationality and let their
emotions settle. Libras are cooperative, but not always in a “universal good”
kind of way. They are often guilty of manipulating so that they get what they
want without causing tension. Like all Cardinal signs, neither are great at
relinquishing power and ego, and will need to let their guard down and cut the
other a little slack.

Venus + Mars

Venus and Mars both rule two of the most
essential elements of a lasting relationship—love and passion, respectively.
Libras are ruled by Venus, so they’re all about the soft, sweet romance while
Aries, ruled by Mars, are about the heated emotional and sexual intimacy. These
two planets, though seemingly opposite, keep each other balanced. Libra shows
the Aries that intimacy doesn’t always happen in the bedroom, while the Aries
teaches the Libra the reward of taking of the mask and truly letting someone

The challenge here is that their desires will
inevitably differ every once in a while. Libras are usually outgoing and
social, but they will need a night or two alone or spending time with their
other half on the couch in order to recharge, especially if their moon is an
earth or water sign. The Aries and the Libra will have plenty of nights out
together until 3 am, but the Aries will need to prioritize one-on-one, quality
time to make the Libra feel special.

Air + Fire

Air and fire signs are typically very
compatible. They fill in the missing pieces of the other thanks to their
differing but complementary (rather than opposing) personalities. This is
heightened with the Aries and Libra, as they are not only a Fire/Air
complement, they are exactly 180 degrees apart in the Zodiac, meaning they are
directly opposite one another.

This creates an extremely dynamic relationship that both bolsters and challenges each party, forcing them to assess their own weaknesses and recognize strengths in someone else. This can be tough for the Aries, as ego is already one of their biggest barriers in life. The Libra will be better at recognizing their own weaknesses and learning from their partner, but they will need to resist allowing the Aries to completely change their own self and interests and stand up for themselves when the Aries gets irrational or hot-headed.

Dynamic and Dynamite

This relationship will be an intense one that
is often the real deal. The passion will be explosive, as it may be, for both
parties, the first time they feel like another person completes them. If the
two are able to communicate effectively, the Aries will find themselves
relinquishing their egotistical tendencies and putting the Libra’s needs ahead
of their own, while the Libra will take a few pages out of the Aries book and
learn the importance self-assuredness and action.

This is a relationship that promotes growth passion, and intimacy, as long as the two individuals involved are ready and mature enough to surrender their egos and let another complete them.

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