7 Ways to Win the Heart of an Aries Girl

Women born between the 21st of March and the 22nd or April and their zodiac sign is Aries. As the first, leading sign of the zodiac, Aries women are independent, strong and confident, so they can be with any alpha male of any zodiac sign. The Rams are known for their passion and determination, as they can seduce literally anyone they want. Seducing an Aries, on the other hand, takes a lot more work.

Regardless of whether you’re physically attracted to her only or you’re falling hard for her as a whole, you will need to pull up your socks to charm an Aries. Aries girls are easily disgusted by lies, dishonesty, facades and games, so honesty and straightforwardness should be your primary weapons. She knows her worth and won’t waste her time on someone who doesn’t. But there are few more ways to win her over. Discover how can you make an Aries girl fall hard for you.

Be Confident with Every Single Move You Make

The independent and confident Aries girl will never settle for a guy who lacks confidence. Aries women are attracted to confident men and they cannot help themselves. They even find it sexy, unless you go cross the line between confidence and arrogance. If men are divided into two groups: doers and talkers, 10 from 10 Aries women will go for the doers. If you lack self-confidence, don’t even think about asking her for a date; she’ll quickly find that out and ditch you.

Let Her Have the Lead

Forget about those stereotypes regarding men-women, dominant-submissive. If you’re going to date an Aries, you need to know that she will want to have the lead of your relationship and you’ll need to allow it. No matter how confident, assertive and strong you are, a man shall never challenge the authority of an Aries woman. Although she wouldn’t like to have a man who will posses a threat to her authority and enormous ego, she is not interested in a “yes, ma’am” man either. She seeks for a partner who is not afraid to stand up to her, regardless of the consequences. The key to succeeding with an Aries girl is to adjust the balance of power right in the early beginning. In order to win the heart of the born leader, you will need to show your willingness to follow her lead.

Keep Her Adrenaline Pumping

As most people from other zodiac signs, Aries women love the sexual tension and the early flirt in the beginning of a relationship. But unlike most zodiac signs, Aries women do not believe that this anticipation, excitement and sexual tension should necessarily fade away in time and wouldn’t let it happen. As soon as the relationship starts getting monotonous, she’s out. She likes challenges and continually discovering new thrills. She has both the enthusiasm and the energy to go for it, so there’s no reason for her to settle down for the monotonous, the mundane. Therefore, the key to winning the heart of an Aries girl is to continually feed her hunger for new thrills and new challenges.

Be Direct and Honest

As aforementioned, you need to be honest and straightforward with an Aries girl. Instead of hoping she’ll get the hint that you like her, she would like to be approached directly and straight from heart. Regardless of whether how does the truth make you feel, say it out loud and never bend it. However, never make yourself an easy catch, because she likes the thrill of chasing someone. Arieses are ruled by the god of war, Mars, which is why she would rather fight for the man she likes than have him on a silver plate with zero effort. Lies, minds games and manipulations are not Arieses’ thing, but rather one of her biggest turn offs.

Be Spontaneous

Another simple way to attract an Aries girl is to be spontaneous. Due to their tendency to act impulsively, Arieses often act before they think. However, they don’t dislike that whatsoever. On the contrary, being spontaneous is their forte and they always appreciate this quality in other people. Even though it can lead to troubles, the natural risk takers love getting out of trouble as well. Make last minute plans, take her on a surprise getaway or give her something completely unexpected – act on the spur of the moment and she will always be back for more.

Match Her Energy Level

She has a competitive spirit and her energy levels are far beyond average. It should go without saying that she prefers a man who can match her energy. Instead of proposing watching a movie, ask her for a run or biking. Even if she’s not particularly in the mood for it, her competitiveness and endless amount of energy will make her jump out of the bed and get active right away. When she asks you to join her for a physical activity, however, be careful what you’re going to answer. She won’t take any excuses lightly. Keep in mind that she will never force you to do something, so you have to truly enjoy energy-requiring activities in order to make it work with an Aries girl.

Don’t Rush Her into Anything, Ever

Since Aries women are independence and freedom lovers, you should never rush her into anything or ask her do to anything against her will. They are known for having their own opinion on everything, so if she doesn’t like Game of Thrones, for example, it means she examined the TV show, discovered the series’ true purpose and target audience and made a decision that it is not for her; nothing in the world can ever change her mind. If your force her to watch it with you, though, you’re only pushing her away. If you still haven’t labeled the thing between you too, don’t rush into calling yourselves a couple.

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