30 Funny New Year Memes & New Year’s Eve Quotes To Start The Year Off Right

Laugh your way into 2019.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the new year.

I love that people are excited to leave the past behind and focus on the future. There is a universal chance at a fresh start and that’s awesome. Some people take to the streets to celebrate while others go to social media to post their New Year’s resolutions. Everyone seems happy.

On the flip side, a ton of people are screaming “new year, new me,” when often times they will be the same person with the same old habits. It never fails. Hearing it year after year can be a little bit exhausting.

But once that gets pushed to the side, I realize that overall people just want a reason to be able to change. The new year gives them that opportunity and no one can be mad at that.

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Aside from the drinks to be had and the kisses to be exchanged, the new year brings us something even greater to be excited about — memes! They are guaranteed to make us laugh as we will find at least one that is scarily relatable. Memes are known for tackling the things that everyone has been thinking but are sometimes too scared to say. And to top it off, they have the perfect picture attached to a little piece of text. These memes allow people all over the world to connect at a rapid pace as they are dropped in group chats and shared on various social media platforms.

Lucky for us there are memes for everything, including the new year! We will get to smile as we silently thank all the people who took the time out to create memes that have us dying of laughter. It is only right that we share the funniest memes as 2019 nears us. What better way is there to get into the new year spirit than to have a good laugh?

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Below are 30 funny memes about the New Year to start 2019 off right.

1. Will you stick to it this time?

“My goal for 2019 is to accomplish the goals of 2018 which I should have done in 2017 because I promised them in 2015 and planned them in 2014.”

2. Shady much?

“I wish some people’s new year’s resolution was to start thinking twice before opening their mouths.”

3. No one is judging you. 

“Me trying to eat as much as possible before attempting to lose weight for my New Years resolution.”

4. When everyone chose the same outfit to bring in the new year.

“Sequins… sequins everywhere.”

5. *Sips tea.*

“Some of y’all new years’ resolution need to be quit putting your business on Facebook.”

6. Preach. 

“None of this new year new me bullocks. Last year I was fabulous and next year I will be fabulous.”

7. This is surprisingly accurate. 

“What exactly is a new year’s resolution?”

“Its a ‘to do’ list for the first week of January.”

8. Please and thank you. 

“Happy New Year, now go and sleep.”

9. The lies we tell.

“People be like…I’m going to start working out this year.”

10. Get prepared. 

“Brace yourself. The first hangover is coming.”

11. Wow, who knew!?

“What if I told you, you don’t have to wait till the new year to change.”

12. A game changer. 

“Happy New Year? There is no year because the time is a human construct.”

13. What a great way to bring in the new year. 

“If you start Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers on December 31st at 21:13:19 you will start the new year with Theoden saying: So it begins.”

14. Wishing you a happy new year no matter your location. 

“I don’t know where you are, but happy New Year to you.”

15. It has to count for something, right?

“This year, I resolved to drink less and go to the gym. I made it to the gym.”

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16. Enough is enough. 

“Say happy new year one more time. See what happens… I dare you!!!”

17. I said what I said!

“Happy New Year? Damn well better be or heads will roll.”

18. This is still funny year after year. 

“This new year’s eve, at around 11:55, order a pizza for delivery. When it arrives tell the driver, ‘I ordered this a year ago!'”

19. Hope it works out for you this year. 

“Good luck with your new year ‘resolutions.'”

20. When the nap was so good you wake up confused.

“Taking a nap on new year’s eve. What year is it?”

21. Will it really?

“This year will be different!”

22. Settle down.

“Did we miss it?”

“It’s only 10 O’clock.”


“It’s only 10 O’clock.”


“It’s only 10 O’clock!”

23. It’s true. 

“Better to try and fail than to not try at all.”

24. 10…9…8…

“New Year’s eve countdown? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

25. I see what you did there. 

“When it’s December 31st and someone says ‘see you next year.'”

26. Wink, wink.

“That smile on your face when your new year plan gets confirmed.”

27. And there you have it folks. 

“Stop trying to make new year, new me happen. It’s not going to happen.”

28. Which one are you?

“My friends tonight… me tonight.”

29. Hard but not impossible to achieve. 

“January 1st and no hangover!”

30. Make it count!

“Happy new whatever, just don’t screw it up.” 

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