10 Ways | How to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You

Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign, having an element of Fire in them, which means they got Aggressive Nature, they have their own Rules, they make boundaries, so they never get failed and hurt. So, how to make a Sagittarius Man miss you is a difficult task.

In Astrology, there is a link between these Zodiac Signs with the Positions of Stars and Planets. So, if you do something which is present in his Traits, then you have a lot of Potentials to make him miss you.

Well, you shouldn’t believe it blindly, but if these tricks usually can work on your Sagittarius Man and chances are, he will going to miss you after having detached or break up with him.

Sagittarius Guy needs Freedom of Living:

One of the most Probable reasons about why Sagittarius Man has left you is their Freedom of Living. They never compromise on their Freedom.

Maybe he has fought with you, but now it is the best time to make him miss you, by allowing them to live freely. You shouldn’t ask them Questions, nor you should impose any Restrictions on him.

So, when you give them this Environment, he is definitely impressed with you, and as a result, they will share things, they will talk and even they will ask for Permissions too. Because you provided him Ease of Living and in return, they will give you Respect.

And, when you disappear, he will be going to miss you

Same as, if you both are going through a breakup, and you as a girl has successfully generated this habit in you and you have Realized your Sagittarius Man that you are not the one who uses to be, then he will ant you to back in his life again.

Make Him Jealous:

Well, every man in this world will become Jealous if he sees their Loved one, their Crush, or even their best Friend is roaming with someone else.

So, to make your Sagittarius guys Jealous, you should roam with the Guy or Girl whom Sagittarius Man doesn’t like usually.

By doing this Practice you will get to know at least two

  1. If he Started Missing you, then he will get Jealous and text you or reach you out and will tell his Feelings.
  2. Has he still had feelings for you or not? You will easily notice if he reacts differently when you are with another person.

Allow him to Chase You:

Meanwhile, Sagittarius Guys love Hardships in getting things. This is one of their Traits.

So, if a Girl makes him chase for her, then a Sagittarius Man will find it interesting, and this will make him miss her if a girl hasn’t been caught easily.

To Flirt with Him:

Sagittarius Guys are Straight-Forward but Naughty People, they love when a girl does a little bit Flirt with him. But, remember! Don’t get cheap with him, otherwise, you will lose Respect and your Dignity.

So, when suddenly you stopped talking to him, he will be going to miss you badly. Because in his Conscious mind, he addicts with your Naughty behavior.

Where, if you are his Girl Friend, Wife or even Friend, then you must do some funny things with him like Pulling his Hairs, some bold Jokes or Plan to see Movies with him.

So Whenever, he sees you with someone else, doing the same stuff as you used to do with him, then the whole Picture and the time you have spent with him, will play in his Mind and that makes him Miss you again.

Don’t Available Always:

Psychologist believes that if you are available 24/7 for Anyone, then it will decrease your worth in his/her Minds. So, if you want to make your Sagittarius Man miss you badly, then you should hide.

Even if you are Free and you curiously want to meet him, but you should not meet him regularly. Because if you meet him regularly then how can you make the Realization of your presence in his mind?

When he calls you, just cut his Call and Say, “Dear, I will call you Later”.

If he texts you “Where are you”? then your Answer shouldn’t be explanatory, but it should be like “At Meeting”. Don’t disclose the place where you are Exactly.

Believe me, this will create an Extraordinary curiosity in him.

Be an Independent Girl:

If you are Financially and Mentally dependent on him, then you should never make him miss you easily. Because when anyone Spends on someone, they will think that you are his Property.

I am not saying he is that type of person. But as a Safe Side, you should make yourself a Complete Independent girl, who Pays bills not her bill is being Paid. But, in Parallel, you should remain Humble and Down to Earth too.

So, when a Sagittarius Guy meets that Super Girl, he never wants to lose her. And by taking this advantage you should express your feelings about him in a decent way, and don’t stick like a Glue with him. Just tell him and disappear.

He is going to miss you, then he will text you, and 90% chances are he will try hard to get you. Because you are now a Confident and Strong Lady.

The Helping Girl:

If you are that type of girl, who doesn’t help anyone, then this can be an Alarming Situation in two ways:

  1. At some Instant, you also need Help, then who will help you?
  2.  That type of girl will never mild a Man’s Heart.

A Sagittarius Man can test you by seeking bits of help from you and if you often do help him, then in his Eyes and Mind, your Respect level will be increased.

So, a Simple Help can make a home in your Sagittarius’s Heart.

Your Cloths Tells Everything:

Wearing decent Cloths is the best way to express yourself. A Sagittarius Guy likes that Girl, who wears full cloths and the girl who believes in wearing short clothes will never be liked by any Sagittarius Guys.

So, if you dress Properly and your Talking, Walking and Eating Style is decent, then you have more probably of Attracting a Sagittarius Man towards you.

He Likes Intelligent Girls:

As you know, Sagittarius Guys are Smart and Hard Workers, their intellectual level is far better than other Zodiac Signs. if a girl who possesses an excellent IQ Level, then he will want to talk with you.

Moreover, there are Books, People, and Pieces of training that will make your IQ level Super Awesome if you do work on it.

So, when you make him addicted to you by talking with you, so when you are not with him he will be going to miss you again with a deeper heart.

Honesty is the Best Policy:

Well, last but not least. Sagittarius Guys are craved for an honest girl. Once you make him believe that you’re an honest girl then there is no power that can undo you in his Heart.

The best way to make yourself an Honest girl is to Speak Truth Every

Whenever you speak the truth, you don’t have any grudge of making false statements and if you Lie, you must remember everything about it. And someday you will be caught.

Best of Luck!

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